Travels from China to Vietnam & Cambodia in 2015

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2015/2/14 Wednesday Zoe arrives in Beijing
2015/2/15 Thursday arrive in Guangzhou - Hanoi Charming 2
2015/2/16 Friday Charming 2 Hotel
2015/2/17 Saturday HaLong Bay - Galaxy Premium on the boat
2015/2/18 Sunday Charming 2 Hotel
2015/2/19 Monday Sketch of Zoe & 2 of Bill Hanoi Train to Huy
2015/2/20 Tuesday Serene Palace Huy
2015/2/21 Wednesday car to Hoi An Kim An Hotel
2015/2/22 Thursday Hoi An - Kim An Hotel
2015/2/23 Friday car to Da Nang Train to Saigon
2015/2/24 Saturday Saigon Europe Hotel - Ray Clark
2015/2/25 Sunday Saigon Europe - Delta tour RAY
2015/2/26 Monday Saigon Europe
2015/2/27 Tuesday bus to Phnom Penh, KhmeRoyal Hotel
2015/2/28 Wednesday Khmer Royal Hotel
2015/2/29 Thursday KhmerRoyal Hotel
2015/2/30 Friday PP>SR Neak Pean Hotel
2015/2/31 Saturday Angkor World Heritage Neak Pean Hotel
2015/2/1 Sunday SR > PP KhmerRoyal Hotel
2015/2/2 Monday Phnom Penh >Saigon>Hanoi Train>DaNang
2015/2/3 Tuesday on th train Train>Hanoi
2015/2/4 Wednesday arrive Hanoi 4:30 am Charming 2 Hotel
2015/2/5 Thursday in Hanoi Charming 2 Hotel
2015/2/6 Friday train to China 9:30pm Train>Naning
2015/2/7 Saturday arrive 10:00 am Naning, China Naning, China
2015/2/8 Sunday Return to Beijing from Naning


February 13, 2015

Hi Sister Adelaide,

Finally feeling about rested up - got back to Beijing on the 8th - Zoe (Wang Jie) went back to Jinan on the 9th. Hongxia's sister arrived in Beijing on the 11th.

Frankly, I am not sure of the ultimate purpose of this trip, other than to be able to say that we did it - we made it - we played the SUPER MARIO CHINA-VIETNAM-CAMBODIA TRAVEL GAME and we made it back alive (3 jets, 4 overnight trains, 5 boats, 5 long distant buses, and 8 customs stamps in our passports). I suppose in time, the lessons learned might become clearer.

Zoe experienced a number of FIRSTS - flying on three jets, visiting a number of World Heritage sites, sleeping on a boat in the South China Sea, traveling outside of China and inside Vietnam and Cambodia, and getting to use her English in a most practical way - I picked up a lot of Chinese from her along the way.

I did enjoy giving Zoe the opportunity to get out of China for 24 days - for once in her life being a minority in a big world - surrounded by the Babel of languages that she did not speak or understand - she certainly got a chance to see how useful English can be - and to understand what I have been experiencing these past few years living in China.

We got on fine - between ourselves - and with the myriad of tourists and other 'actors' (drivers, servers, vendors, hotel people) we met. I am certain there could be a book here or at least an interesting story.

Talk to you more on Sunday,



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