Visa Run from PRC to Ha Noi Viet Nam
January 3-13, 2014

Under my current China "F" visa I must leave China once every 90 days and then re-enter China to re-activate the visa for another 90 days. I had not been to Viet Nam so I chose to go there. My friend Ray Clark, from was there for a month teaching so I got a chance to visit with him on two weekends. Recorded here are some activities from that visa run.

At first I thought about going to Viet Nam for three or four days and right back to China, but then I thought about the money I was spending and decided to extend my stay to cover two weekends. I am really glad that I did. That gave Ray and me a potential four days to meet and gave me some time to take a trip in the middle of the week to HaLong Bay (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) for two nights stay on a tour boat.

I got to Ha Noi on Friday night January 3, 2014. I had ordered my Viet Nam visa online through a tour operator. The cost of the service was $19.00 USD. When I arrived at the terminal, I went to the visa office, turned in my passport and went to another window to wait for processing. In about 20 minutes I was called up to the window, paid my $45.00 USD and was finished with the process. This has to be one of the easiest visa processes in the world.



City Tour and Eating

Ha Long Bay

Kayaking & Sanpaning Ha Long Bay

Life on the V'Spirit

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