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February 14, 2012 (Valentines Day in the USA)

Dear Students,

This will be a quick note and a few more pictures from East Lansing, Michigan, home of Michigan State University.

The first is a picture of me in a restaurant called COSI just across from MSU. I am on my way to see the eye doctor and get a new pair of glasses. They had WiFi in here and I talked with Rose who was in Chengdu at the time. I think we live in an amazing era when a person in a coffee shop in the USA can talk to a friend in China 12,500 miles away for FREE.
The second picture is in the backyard of Dottie's house.. She feeds wild, natural birds as a hobby. There were many red birds (Cardinals) here today with many other kinds of birds. They are fun to watch while we are eating. Squirrels, deer, and other wild animals come by at different times. One day we saw a red fox in the next yard. Dottie's cats often go out to hunt small animals and to play in the snow.
Dottie is in line to buy lunch at Paneras in this picture. Paneras is a shop that serves breakfast, lunch and dinners. Most of the time it is soup and sandwiches. Sometimes people buy breads or rolls to take home with them. This shop gives good value, and the food is prepared rapidly - just a very nice place to meet friends and have a bite to eat.
Bill & Ben Hassenger are planning their next big adventure in China. They are having tea and making plans for future shows. Later we go out to the Blue Gill Grill and I have an Olive Burger. We watch a very exciting basketball game in which the MSU team defeats Ohio State – Ohio State had not lost for 39 games so it was a very important victory for MSU.
On Sunday Dottie leaves East Lansing to go to Iowa to help her daughter give birth to a baby girl. Bill will spend the next two nights with Wendy Lygas' house. She is his previous landlady where he used to live before moving to China. David Watson (Bill's adult stepson) comes to visit on Sunday afternoon and they eat dinner at Leo's Lodge which is near Wendy's house.
On Sunday night Bill and Wendy attend a live concert with Ben and Rhea in Old Towne Lansing. The trio played good live music about Valentines Day - and various relationships that develop. Some of the music was quite funny. Ben is well known by many of the people attending.
On Monday Bill is invited to give a speech at the East Lansing Rotary Club about China. February is International month for Rotary and Bill used to be the International Chairman at this club. What did he talk about? He talked about the members of the club inviting some of the MSU Chinese students into their houses as a way to promote Rotary in China.
Finally on Monday night, Bill and Wendy have dinner at Leo's Lodge, a little later ,Bill's former director comes to have a goodbye visit.

On February 14, 2012, Bill leaves on Amtrak for Kansas City Missouri to visit friends.

More in a few days